Bringing it.

As part of our strategy surrounding the rebranding of Augusta University, we felt it was important for athletics to have its own identity and attitude, so we gave them both.

Swing Thought:

Augusta is a college town.

Brian Marshall / Marketing Strategist, Augusta University

“It has been an extremely amazing experience working with Wier / Stewart on the Athletics redesign project. From the basketball court to jerseys to outdoor signage, the team provided first class options that has elevated our standing and prestige in our community and conference!”

Sean Mooney / director of merchandise

“It was crucial in revealing this new identity that we immediately had products to give the students, supporters and community. By working with awesome vendors like Nike and Under Armour, we were able to create stylish apparel that everyone wanted and now wears.”

Daniel Stewart / President, COO

“Time to add Mascot Creation to our list of services.”