A New Tradition

The consolidated Augusta University has history, that is for sure. Unfortunately, its legacy was spread across the many entities that form this system of clinical and academic institutions. To help put the past away and boldly move toward a promising future, we created an identity that gave Augusta University a new common tradition, reflecting the prestige and power of the sum of its parts.

Swing Thought:

Designing for 150 years from now.

Jack Evans / VP Communications & Marketing, Augusta University

“Because of the tight timeline and enormous scope for the creative phase of this project, achieving success depended as much on process, organization, and responsiveness as design. Wier / Stewart never missed a beat, and collectively we were able to deliver one of the most eagerly-anticipated and best-received brand launches this area has ever seen.”


“Rebranding the university was a major undertaking, but the team was excited for the challenge. One of the most rewarding aspects of the process was seeing everyone at the table come together. From strategy and logo designs, to curating merchandise and placing media, there are so many layers to a project of this size. It truly is a team effort!”

Daniel Stewart / President, COO

“From the onset, we insured the creation of the Augusta University identity was about more than aesthetics. This was about building both a figurative and literal symbol the community would want to champion.”

Alex Wier / Founder, CCO

“Part of creating a university seal is imbuing it with a lot of symbolism. This is where we could take a little piece of everyone's past to make something new.”

Stephanie Johnston / Finance Director

“When a fellow alum calls you out of the blue to tell you we have made them proud to say they are a graduate of Augusta University, you know we nailed it! It’s very rewarding.”