History and Horticulture.

Bedford has been around for a while. It’s had different owners, it’s had ups and downs, but it’s never had a consistent visual identity. Throughout the years, it has remained a hidden gem known mainly to locals. We aim to change that. The new identity pays homage to Bedford’s roots in the past and gives it room to grow into the future.

Swing Thought:

Hard to Find. Impossible to Forget.

Beth James / Director, Client Service & Strategic Insights

“Milledge and Joanne’s story is a marketer’s dream. It’s bold, inspiring, and most importantly, real. They’ve created their own brand story and we had a great time helping them tell it.”

Joanne Petterson / Bedford Greenhouses

“From our very first meeting with W/S, we were overwhelmed by the excitement of the whole creative team! Their enthusiasm was transformed into an amazing new logo, website and so much more. We could not be more pleased!”