Cutting Edge of Tradition

It is the way leadership expresses the balance that is unique at Champions. Our understanding of this concept dictated how we updated their identity, their website and their collaterals.

Swing Thought:

Man shapes himself through the decisions that shape his environment.

Davis Sezna / Managing Partner, Heritage Golf Group

“It's been a rare luxury to find two people like Alex & Daniel. They instinctively melded with our concept and culture as they have inspired and promoted our brand forward.

We are fortunate to have appealed to their thinking and style, because they don't accept just any client, plus they are great guys!

Thank you Team Wier / Stewart.”

Beth James / Director, Client Service & Strategic Insights

“Everything at Champions Retreat is gorgeous. With the opportunity to update their identity, web presence and collateral, we were able to showcase this beauty and establish a look and feel that is uniquely theirs.”