Make it look easy.

Fennec is doing for the golf shirt what dimples did for the ball. It is a completely new breed of performance apparel, and we created a name and brand for it that set it off in the green grass market.

Swing Thought:

Highly Evolved.

Gavin Heap / Managing Director, The Loden Group

“The W/S team does an incredible job listening to the client and interpreting our goals. Their ability to take those interpretations and work through their creative process have led to exceptional results for us. I have been very pleased working closely with them in developing two new brand concepts. In addition they have done great work supporting the initial branding with follow up material.”

Beth James / Director, Client Service & Strategic Insights

“The sports apparel space is challenging. These guys are constantly dealing with highly motivated competition in their segment. Having a great name and brand is crucial in giving Fennec a leg up.”