Good Company.

It’s imperative that a brand like Finch & Fifth be very current. Classically “now” is the way we like to think of it. The identity is influenced both by what is trending (as it should be) and a healthy dose of what has always worked.

A mix of the contemporary and classic created the jumping off point for the Finch & Fifth brand. From this foundation, we tried to imagine what would be happening in the very near future.

The result is a mark and identity system that pays attention to trends while setting some of its own.

Swing Thought:

And the nights will flame with fire.

Faulkner Warlick / Proprietor, Finch & Fifth

“I love the name. I never could have named it myself, but I feel like if I did, Finch & Fifth would have been it. Does that make sense?”


“This site was a blast to make. Having so much insight to the high level goals and meaning that went into Finch & Fifth really helped us to have the ability to create it with ease.”