I'm giving. Are you?

The simplest solve is often the best. That became apparent to us as we tinkered with how to best express the new brand attached to Georgia Regents University's annual giving campaign. First and foremost, there needs to be a clear understanding of what this donor mechanism is: a single place for everyone to donate. Everyone from health services, everyone from Summerville Campus, supporters of athletics and scholarships alike, all who can and do give will give through this program.

Swing Thought:

Advancing Healing, Education & Discovery.

Rhonda Banks / Director of Annual Giving, Georgia Regents University

“Wier / Stewart did an amazing job helping us develop our branding for our annual fundraising campaign. They are truly an 'out of the box' organization and are just plain fun to work with!”


“One of the most important aspects of the IGRU campaign was making sure everyone within the institution, as well as external constituents, could see themselves as a part of the campaign. So much so, that they’d be compelled to support their passion within the university and health system. With more than 26,000 recipients for the initial direct mail packets, our strategy was centered around customizing communications through five unique messages based on a donor’s connection to the university. ”

Lauren Cowart / Production Manager

“This was an all hands on deck project. We gave our full attention to every detail; from photography to editing to the intricate fold of the brochure (which is my favorite part!). I'm proud we could contribute to the success of this campaign.”

Daniel Stewart / President, COO

“Annual giving campaigns are a ton of work. Both for us and our university partners. But, we can think of 1,077,964 reasons why it's worth it.”