Joye is something to feel.

Step one in reconsidering the logo: create a mark that is classic, stable and has the flexibility to be applied to myriad media. Step two: somehow incorporate the feeling evoked in performances and outreach. Illustrate the spark, the joy, the emotion related to the festival and its events. We went with an exclamation point.

Swing Thought:

Once more with feeling!


“Being involved in every detail of the festival's planning, marketing strategy and goals development, branding, and campaign materials, has allowed our team to make a real impact for Joye in Aiken. Through our partnership with Joye, we've been able to not only amplify the impact the festival creates for the concert hall, but also help make a difference in the classroom.”

Daniel Stewart / President, COO

“Owning a color palette. It was important for us to consider the historical graphic elements when redefining the brand. Punching up the palette into a vibrant and youthful tone was a strategic move to resonate with our existing audience and our audience of the future.”