Distilling the Spirit

It has been nearly a decade since Listerhill rolled out a brand campaign. Since then, the credit union has grown tremendously. Their assets have doubled, and their target demo has become more refined, segmented and diverse. We helped Listerhill define and focus their powerful brand, then developed and executed creative that spoke to their values and their audience.

Swing Thought:

It's all about WE.

Chris Anderson / Marketing Director, Listerhill Credit Union

“The Brand DNA may be one of the greatest tools I've ever been given as a marketer. The way in which Wier / Stewart articulated our brand without actually being in-house at Listerhill was, actually, pretty incredible.”

Kristen Mashburn / Chief of Staff - Retail, Listerhill Credit Union

“One of the most difficult hurdles the entire industry faces is how to succinctly express the difference between a credit union and a bank. It's never really been done well and they nailed it. And, they did it in just 4 words. ”

Alex Wier / Founder, CCO

“Listerhill can crush an event. They are constantly deploying in the community and their presence is always genuine and fun. They totally inspired us to create We or Me, which, in a really interesting way, engages their audience and demonstrates the win-win aspect of the credit union.”


“One of my favorite parts of any campaign is how we launch it internally. Getting the rank and file fired up about their brand is really, really rewarding. You can't underestimate its impact on the success of a campaign.”