Far East meets Southwest.

After creating the new menu and updating Tako's identity, we reimagined its digital expression as well. As far as restaurant sites go, it's not very typical, but neither are the Goldsmiths, who own the place.

Swing Thought:

Más Honorable.

Lauren Cowart / Production Manager

“I've always been a fan of Takosushi - especially their top shelf margaritas! It was an honor to work on their menu design. Plus, my inner print nerd jumped at the chance to use waterproof paper!”

Cary Goldsmith / Restaurant Manager, TakoSushi

“Making a solid menu is always a challenge. We have the food covered, but Wier / Stewart took care of everything else. We love it.”


“I've never been more hungry while building a site in my life. But seriously though, working on this site was great. We could have created the stereotypical restaurant site. But we don't do that.”