Be Bold

It's one of Unisys's operating principles and served as our design direction for this project. In creating our concepts for the space, we gave much consideration to scale, color and message. All of these were weighed with the major objective of inspiring and delighting the employees and visitors of Unisys. For the nomenclature of the meeting rooms, we went local. For the artwork everywhere else, we went universal.

Swing Thought:

Inspiring Innovation

Tzara Harper / Interior Designer, CFS Architects

“Working with Wier / Stewart from the perspective of a designer was great! They took the environment I had created and added the 'cherry on top'. They tied all my ideas together into one cohesive space that I couldn’t be more proud of. ”

Beth James / Director, Client Service & Strategic Insights

“One of my favorite parts of the project was naming all the meeting rooms after venues James Brown had played. 'Staff meeting in the Apollo' sounds fun and serious.”

Leonard Zimmerman / Designer

“This is the first time in my career where potty humor was actually appropriate.”

Raquel M. Rivera / Director of Transition, Transformation & Proj. Mgmt., Unisys

“Wier / Stewart will get you great results via superlative work, from inception to output. They took our already highly regarded operating principles to a whole new level delivering the message in a visually impacting way. We were committed to include local art and culture in our site branding and with their imaginative approach we feel we more than achieved this goal. I would definitely work with them again in the future.”